Waterloo Game Jam, also commonly called the GI Jam, is a thrice-annual, multi-day event hosted by The Games Institute (GI). Winter 2019 GI Jam will be held on January 25-27, 2019 in the Quantum Nano Centre (QNC) Rooms 1502/2502. 

You can build your own games from scratch along with the helpful advice and guidance from our GI mentors. You can create your own game mechanic, gameful art, game characters and narrative, or try your hand at coding for your very own game prototype. 

If you are a student, please include your current level of education in the additional notes field.

GI members occasionally run participant testing/study sessions for new game prototypes. Studies are voluntary, involve remuneration for participants and have ethics clearance. If you would like your email to be added to our study participant mailing list, please check the box in your registration form.

Game Jam is all about having fun and learning about games! All levels of experience are welcome from beginner to experienced developers. For more information, please visit our website

Game Jam Registration Fee - Winter 2019

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  • $13.27